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The word “Phở” did not make appearance in Vietnamese dictionaries until 1930. Until this date, there are still debates on its influencers. Three most popular arguments are that it could be inspired by Pot au Feu from France; or Beef Noodle Soup (Nguu Nhuc Phan) of China; or Xáo Trâu from Northern Vietnam. Despite that, most researchers and Vietnamese alike agree that Pho first appeared in North Vietnam, specifically in either Hà Nội, or Nam Định. Today, Pho has migrated to all regions of Vietnam and all over the world with different twists and approaches. At Ngon Appétit, we are interested in its purest form, which places high focus on crafting a clean yet rich broth, using soft but elastic Pho noodles, tender beef, garnishing with only green onions and cilantro, and chilis/ limes for the extra kick. Thai basil and jalapeño are available, although they are just extras. (Please note we do not provide bean sprouts or hoisin sauce with our Pho, since it is contradictory to Northern style and we believe it shifts the flavour profile of Phở broth.)


"Phở" actually refers to a type of rice noodles, which is flat and wide. Although Phở is also the dish as we know, in Vietnam, we also have "Pho ap chao" (pan seared Pho noodles), "Pho cuon" (Pho noodles wraps), "Pho chua ngot"  (Pho noodles in sweet and sour broth), "Pho xao" (Sauteed Pho noodles), "Pho chien phong" (Deep dried Pho noodles), etc...

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